I scrapped!

After not having done any scrapbooking for nearly 2 months, I was excited to finally get a layout done! I had started this before my baby was born (6 weeks ago) and never finished it. I picked it up this past week & determined to put it together & here it is!

I thought it was important not only to document the prices of our grocery items, but to include the menu that I made out for that week - thought that might be interesting to look back on in 10 years! ;) I scanned both the receipt & the menu and used those in the layout.

I had a lot of fun combining different papers & putting this together! Hopefully, now I'll be in the mode to make some more! :)


  1. Oye, my walmart receipts would need a 2 page layout..lol!

    Neat idea to include the menu!


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