December Daily... what's that?!! ;)

Well, here it's Dec. 1st and I haven't finished my December Daily album! (**gasp**) I know, shame on me!!! But I still intend to do it! Things have been busy around here... my husband got a new job in Missouri, so we're trying to sell our house and put an offer on one in MO. Between that, taking care of the boys & normal household stuff, it seems I don't have a lot of scrappin' time! I suppose it will come...


  1. I just went to Ali's Blog today to check out this "December Daily" thing. It's just another project I'd want to do but would never finish!! Who am I kidding! LOL

  2. Yeah, not sure it was the best thing for me to take up right now either, but I wanted to do it this year since we're getting ready to move & it will be a memorable month (hopefully!)


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