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Among the many things that I have going on right now, one of highest priority is selling our house. Right now it seems like an almost impossible thing! We have a cute little house in a nice little town in Eastern PA, but it's only 2 beds/1 bath and that makes it a little more difficult to sell. We put it up with a realtor 4 weeks ago & have had 12 showings in that time, but no interest expressed at all. We just need the right person to come along! We're planning on moving to the Midwest & my husband already has a job secured out there, we're just waiting for our house to sell. We know the Lord will sell it in His time, but sometimes it's hard to wait... We just keep praying! :)

Know anyone who'd be interested in a house in Eastern PA? :) Please pray for us to sell soon, so we can move soon! We know our God can do anything!


  1. I've been meaning to ask you how the prospects are coming.

    Your house is beautiful, when the right person comes, it will sell fast. It can be a stressful task there's not doubt about that!

    Where are you moving to in Missouri. My inlaws just moved to Pleasant Hills (no idea where that is! LOL), but if we ever make it out there............

  2. The "right" person WILL come along. Just know that! I will say prayers for you.

  3. Thanks, Veronica! :)
    Amanda, Pleasant Hills is near Kansas City, MO which would be probably 3-4 hrs. from where we'll be. But if you ever come that way, let me know & maybe we'll work out something. :)

  4. I feel you, girl!!!! We have had ours up for sale for over 8 months and nothing!!! If I know anyone looking for a 2/1 in PA, I will send them your way and if you know anyone looking for a BRIGHT orange house on the east coast of FL, send them my way! (maybe if we painted it, we could sell it!!!) I have enjoyed reading your blog btw!!! Corey (ckmb saints511)


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