Card Inspiration & RAK!

Like I mentioned the other day, I'm always making a card at the last minute - I hate that! So, I've decided I just need to crack down on myself & take some time to make a whole bunch of cards! I've made myself a list of cards that I'd like to have on hand. Yes, I realize that it's a rather extensive list and that I may never have them all at one time, but at least I have something to go by!

So, I'm asking for help from you, my readers...

First of all, am I missing any holidays or occassions (aside from Halloween, which I don't celebrate)? If so, post a comment & let me know!

Secondly... I love to "card-lift" ideas, especially ones that look great but are easy to put together. If you have a card that you'd like to share, either one you made or just one that has captured your eye, please leave me a comment & the link!

And make sure when leaving a comment that you have a way for me to contact you, because I'm going to randomly choose a winner to receive a little something special! :)

Back to my list... let me know, is there anything missing...

Birthday - Feminine
Birthday – Masculine
Birthday – Neutral
Birthday – Boy
Birthday – Girl
Congrats – Wedding
Congrats – Baby
Congrats - Graduation
Congrats – New Home
Congrats – New Job
Congrats – General
Get Well – Feminine
Get Well – Masculine
Get Well – General
Thinking of You
New Year
Valentines Day
St. Patrick’s Day/Irish
Happy Spring
Happy Easter
Hello Summer!
Mother’s Day - my Mom/Mom-in-law
Mother’s Day – others
Father’s Day
Grandparent’s Day
Sweetest Day
July 4th
Happy Fall

Thanks for your help! Don't forget to stop by next week to find out who won the RAK!


  1. Great list!!! I make lots of cards but not sure I have any on the computer right now. I'll check.

  2. the blog I love because she like to mass produce and save time is...

    you could do all girly cards then do boy cards then just card cards LOL

    she usually makes 3-5 cards at a time with the same paper. no scraps and 5 cards done! Good luck

  3. Randa (scrapnmom2three)August 11, 2009 at 7:23 PM

    That is quite the list!!! Good Luck with your cards. My go to place for card ideas is: I love her card sketches!

  4. flag day, administrative professionals day, boss's day, labor day, memorial day, (any of the jewish holidays, like hanukkah or rosh hashanah, if you know anyone who celebrates that), back to school, encouragement, teacher appreciation day/week, veteran's day...

    From Emily (EnH)

  5. Sorry to add another-- you might want first communion, baptism, and confirmation, along with sympathy for loss of a pet.

    Emily (EnH)

  6. Not sure how to link here for you, but I'll try...

    gilroy gal

  7. I wouid love to see some good websites for card making myself.

    Here is the link to one of my cards

  8. so smart of you to make up a whole bunch! The only thing I can think of is "I'm sorry." That's a card I NEVER use! ;-)

  9. I really like your list and I too would like to make more cards. I don't go to card blogs but what about Baptism and 1st communion cards and graduation. wouldn't need a lot but a few on hand of these.Scrappin Debb( Deb Richards)


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