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Did you know you can earn FREE stuff through Swagbucks? It's a site that randomly rewards you with "swagbucks" as you use their site and their search engine. With these swagbucks, which come in various denominations (anywhere from 1-100 or more), you can "purchase" items from the Swagbucks store without depleting your bank account. I like the sound of that. They have items such as iPhone Wallpapers & MP3s, complete seasons of select TV shows, DVDs, clothing, gift cards, nice electronics and even a real pet lion! Obviously, the bigger & better the item, the more swagbucks you'll need to purchase the items. Keep in mind, it's FREE!!! All you have to do is sign up and then begin searching through them & you'll begin to receive swagbucks! Note: You can still search through Google, but you'll only get swagbucks if you go through the Swagbucks search engine. Remember: IT'S FREE STUFF!!! Sign up HERE!

Search  & Win


  1. Hi and thanks so much for entering my comp, the winners shall be announced shortly, Tiff :):):)


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