The Pantry

We've been busy around our home! My long time followers may remember what my kitchen looked like when we moved into this house. The remodeling of it has been kind of stop-n-go depending on what life threw at us. We have been working on a complete kitchen remodel and this last week, my husband built me a new pantry!!! Wanna see?? :)



COMPLETE (almost!)

Now comes the fun job of figuring out where to put everything. I think that process will be some trial and error, but I'll get it soon enough! I love organizing!!

Special thanks to my sweet husband for his hard work!

Thanks also to my "little" brothers who helped out! 
(never mind the fact that I bribed them with food!) 
(ok, maybe that's not entirely true...!)


  1. Beautiful! What a blessing to have a handy husband to build awesome things on the weekend!

    Take care, Rosa!


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