Photo Challenge #20: Self-Portrait {and a cardboard castle!}

Photography Challenge, week #20


I know this is a strange self-portrait, but it's been a busy week! LOL! I spent several hours yesterday (along with the help of a couple other people) building a cardboard castle for our church's children's club. Our theme this year is "Knights and Maidens". Here are a few more shots of the castle...

We had about a dozen kids running through this thing and of course, they all loved it! =)

This is the last week of the Photography Challenge.
Thank you for joining me!


  1. Rosa, that's a beautiful picture of you - you look great. The castle looks awesome,...I bet the kiddos didn't want to ever leave it.

  2. What a pretty shot! The castle looks like fun, I bet the kiddos had a blast!
    Happy Holidays!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  3. I love the Christmas decor in the background!! You look fabulous as well and are quite the cardboard castle builder :o)

  4. I love it! I want a cardboard castle... That is so cool. My kids would love it, even the big one (husband). Hee,hee...

    Jeanna @

  5. I linked here because of the photography challenge. I love your self portrait and several of the other challenges. The cardboard castle is great! I remember lots of fun times with boxes when I was a kid. Great blog! I'm your newest follower.


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