Cards, cards and more cards!

This past Tuesday, we received a call from a friend of ours asking us if we wanted to be involved in a craft fair this Saturday. She asked because she knows my husband does woodworking & I love papercrafting. We've never done a craft fair before, but have always talked about it, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. We said "Yes". I volunteered myself to make some cards (what was I thinking???). We had several other things going on this week and were not able to start on things until today! YIKES!!! So, today, we've been feverishly making cards & turning pens. I'll try to post some pics of the event when I get back tomorrow. Right now, I need to hurry with these cards!


  1. Oh Rosi! I hope it all worked out!!

  2. So cool that you have a blog now! I hope all is well with your new little one as well as the rest of the fam!


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