New mini-book

My hubby has been away for several days & I miss him like crazy! I was going to work on my December Daily album, but my 3 yr. old kept on interupting me. So I get the bright idea to let him scrap (forgetting that every time I do this, I get nothing done!). I thought, wouldn't it be great to give him some pics of him & his daddy and let him make his own book! Well, I started picking out pics & got so excited about it that I wanted to do the album myself! :) Besides, my little guy was busy coloring a picture by that time! LOL! So here is the end result...

The cover...

"You're my buddy"

"You teach me" and "You're silly"

"You take me places" and "You play with me" "You tell me about Jesus" and "You love me"
"You spend time with me" and "You guide my life"
The album is only 4x5" big and last page was a little note to his daddy & then a traced outline of his little hand. Think it will make him cry? ;)


  1. Very cute Rosa!! I love the last picture especially! TFS

  2. Mighty tough guy if he doesn't have to wipe a tear or two. Love the book. I'm sure you had fun doing it, and he will be thrilled.

  3. How awesome is that? You did a wonderful job. I'm sure he'll cherish it very, VERY much.

  4. This is very touching and so, so cute! You did a great job!

  5. This is beautiful! You're hubby will love it.


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