Almost here!

My Project 365 is on it's way! Whoo-hoo! :) I tracked it today and it's in Harrisburg - about 2 hours from us! Aaah! I can hardly stand that it's so close and I can't have it until tomorrow! Ugh! I'm soooo excited about it & am really looking forward to putting it together. I know there will be days throughout this year that I'll wish I didn't have to work on it, but when Jan. 1, 2010 comes and I have it complete, I'll be thrilled that I have a year of our life pictorially documented, day-by-day! How cool is that?! I'm so thankful that my hubby is getting this for me for my birthday! (Thanks, Love!)

I know not everyone got (or wanted) Project 365 and some will have to wait until (and if) it is re-stocked. Don't let "negativity" about it being out of stock get you down! (see Becky's re-cap here if you don't know what I mean) If not having it by the first part of the year discourages you, remember what Becky said on her blog, it's not specific to Jan.-Dec. 2009 --- you can use it for any "year" in your life - start on your birthday, the birth of a child, your wedding anniversary, or just keep it until 2010! It's really a good kit & you know it! :) But if you've decided to just make one yourself, that's great too! If however, you're not doing it at all... think about it! ;)


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