Happy New Year!!! & Project 365

Wow, 2009! That seemed like an almost unachievable date when I was a kid! ;) And now it's here already and I'm married with 2 kids! What happened??!!!

We didn't have much of a New Year's celebration around here - my husband worked last night and came home at 11:30 p.m. I made sure that my older son had a nice long nap earlier in the day and so I let him stay up. We had a little party of our own with tater-tots, mozzarella sticks, pizza rolls and lil' smokies. It was fun, but probably not the best thing to eat just before going to bed - ugh! My son, being only 3 yr. old, didn't quite grasp the whole "new year" idea, but when we started saying "Happy New Year!", he joined in & got all excited about it too! LOL!
Happy New Year!!!

This morning...
Project 365 - have you heard of it? Check it out HERE...
I really wanted to get it!!! My husband said I could have it for my birthday (happy birthday to me!). I was online by 10:30 CST (8:30 MST) and had my debit card ready! I refreshed the CK page at 10:58 and there it was! AAHHH! I panicked! LOL! I quickly put it in my cart, only to realize, I'd never purchased anything from CK before, so I had to register! Thankfully, that didn't remove it from my cart and I was able to slooowly (and I mean like 20 minutes with DSL!) place my order & get a confirmation number! CK was swamped & the site crashed for many people! Thankfully, the only problem I had was speed. But my order showed that I owed $0.00 - I knew CK wasn't that generous! *roll eyes* I decided to call the number on my receipt and waited... and waited... and waited... for 45 minutes! I finally hung up after I got another email from CK with the order details & final cost. Whew! What a crazy hour!!! Sure hope I get it soon & don't have any problems with that! I can see why some people get fed up with CK, but I really wanted that kit! LOL! Hope some of you were able to get the kit too!

Hope you have a wonderful & blessed new year!


  1. Happy New Year!
    Glad you were able to get the kit. I unfortunately didn't. But that's not going to stop me from doing it. :)

  2. I was "prepared" for problems in ordering the kit and I THINK I got it. I read on Becky's Blog, that if you saw $0, your card will be charged when shipped! Whew!
    Have a GREAT New Year!


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