Creative Juices Return

So, as you can tell by my blog, it's been waaaayyy too long since I've done any scrapbooking! So long in fact, that I don't even know when I did my last layout! I've tried several times, but it just didn't "come". But can you blame me... we packed up our house of 4 yrs & 2 kids, sold our home, moved half-way across the country, lived in a temporary house for 3 months, bought a new house and have been trying to settle in & remodel ever since! I'm finally feeling like I have things under somewhat of a sense of control, so I've really been getting the itch to scrap again.

Like I said, I've tried to do a layout several times... the same one... for the past 9 months! *shock!* Yes, I know! I'm almost embarrassed to say it. It's never, ever taken me that long to complete one layout. I wish I could say it's spectacular, but it's not... remember, I'm just trying to get myself going again! My birthday was last week, so my dear husband let me download Sure-Cuts-A-Lot for my Cricut. Let me just stop & say... I LOVE IT!!! So very glad I got it! Thankfully, it was just the thing I needed to get my creative juices flowing again and I was finally able to finish that layout!

So without further ado, here it is...

I did forget to mention that this LO is of my son's first birthday... he just celebrated his 4th birthday last year! Ugh! Yes, I'm behind quite a bit! Oh, well...


  1. Super cute Rosa! I can't believe he is a year old already!! Wow. Love the way you did the little matchbook part. And glad you're liking SCAL ;)


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