Beautiful Pattern Combos

I frequently come across things that really just pop out at me & attack me with inspiration! I saw an amazing chair on a blog recently & had to follow it to it's source. I just absolutely love the combination of colors & patterns in this one simple chair! There are small poke-a-dots, bold stripes & large flowers. WOW! It's just so perfect! So, here it is...

Isn't it fantastic?! If you don't get the same joy out of it, I'm sorry... go grab another cup of coffee and browse the pages of her website! Her pattern combos just delight me to no end!!! :)


  1. Oooh! I likey!! it is a GREAT combo of colors!!

  2. There are some amazing ideas on that sight...I love the beachy sea looking idea! One day when my "ship comes in". (smile) thanks for sharing! - maria

  3. Very pretty. I like it. Looks fresh.

  4. I love that chair! Would love it in my scraproom!

  5. Rosa, I love that room too! Its just so cute!


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