Ahhh! Spring!


It's my favorite season of the year! Summer is hot, Fall begins the death of plants and begins the cold harshness of Winter. But then, just when you've about given in to the thought that you now live in a newly discovered Arctic zone, Spring comes! Trees begin to bud, daffodils & tulips bloom, the grass begins to green and allergies flare up - AAACHEW!
Life has returned to planet Earth!

Oh, and another thing that I love...


Have a wonderful day & enjoy Spring!!!

*All pictures taken by my humble point & shoot camera and are copyright by me!*


  1. You have motivated me to go out and take pics around my neighborhood and document the arrival of "Spring" here. You know, it only lasts about 36 hours anyway! LOL Then we automatically jump into SUMMER!!! HOT! ;^P

  2. I was trying to figure out how to e-mail you back, but instead I will just leave a comment on your super cute blog! I didn't realize you were into scrapbooking & cardmaking! You will have to clue me in on some neat things to do with the Cricut. I did purchase software to go with it, but I got Make The Cut. It's worked great so far! I have so much I want to try, but not enough time to do everything! I'm sure you know how that is... :) BTW, you have a beautiful family!


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