In Case of Tea Shortage...

I've been rather busy the past couple weeks & haven't really had a chance to blog, but I wanted to quickly share this with you before I forget to do it again! Just a fun little project I did a couple weeks ago for my sweet mother-in-law who loves tea and got me "into" it as well.

I only needed a few supplies to make this... a 5x7 frame with glass, sheet of patterned paper (scrapbooking), a spoon, ribbon & a tea bag.

To make it, first, I typed out my phrase, "In case of Tea Shortage... Break Glass!" and arranged it how I wanted it to appear, then I printed right onto my patterned paper and cut it to size. Next I emptied half of the tea from the bag so it didn't bulge & risk breaking the glass; I made sure there was plenty left in the bag so it still looked full. I quickly snipped off the original tea tag & made a custom tag for the tea bag. Once that was finished, I adhered the bag and tag to the paper and put it in the frame. To finish it off, I tied one end of the ribbon to the back of the frame and the other end to the spoon, then I used very sticky glue dots to adhere to spoon to the front of the frame. Ta-da!

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  1. THat is too cute! I love it! :)

  2. Oh Rosa I love that it is so cute! I might need to try to make one of those.


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