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Dr. Suess at 3 a.m.

Am I the only one or are Saturday nights always the worse nights of the week for getting kids to bed and asleep? The following story makes for a great scrapbooking layout. It's a true story and happened to me a couple weeks ago...

Having gone to bed at an already too late bedtime, I was not to thrilled to wake up at 2:50 a.m. to my 4 yr. old wailing in his bedroom. In my half-dazed sleepy stuper, I dash out of bed, throwing on my robe, and rush to his bedroom door in a matter of 1.5 seconds.

I find him sitting Indian style in the middle of his bed and quickly motion for him to be quiet and come to me so as to not wake his sleeping brother. He comes to me and explains his problem... he's had an accident and is completely drenched, and I mean drenched! Disappointed, I send him to wait in the bathroom while I go find some clean underwear for him.

I recall that there were not clean underwear in his drawer when I gave him a bath earlier that evening, so I head for the laundry room a…