Through a Child's Lens: 1

I love photography! I always have. My father loved photography as well and passed the love for it down to me at a young age. I've done the same with my son. He got his first {{REAL}} camera from his Nana for Christmas two years ago when he was only a little over 3 years old. It isn't one of those bulky brightly colored cameras made especially for kids, but rather a sleek little 10mp Polaroid. Before you jump to conclusions that giving a 3 yr. old a camera is irresponsible, let me assure you that he was closely monitored until he proved he knew what he was doing. Now, two years later, he has nearly wore the thing out and taken literally hundreds of photos and  video. I'm afraid the little camera will give out soon and he will be needing a new one.

Over the past couple years of looking through his photos, I've been humored more than once at the unusual perspective of his photos. They're all taken from about 3 feet off the ground and of silly little things I could easily overlook. Yes, he's had his share of totally ridiculous shots or two dozen shots of his toes, but there have been some really amazing shots too!

So with that in mind, I've decided to start something new this year. I would like to share some of the photos he has taken. I call it...

Through a Child's Lens

I thought it would be appropriate to start out with a self-portrait of the photographer.

Self-Portrait, age 5

If you would like to share a photo your child has taken, please add your link in a comment; be sure to post your child's age!

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  1. Cool! We'll be looking forward to more great photos from the little photographer!


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