WW: Longing for Spring


  1. I am so ready for spring too! Lovely shot!

  2. A perfect flower portrait in profile. So much clarity that you've captured the delicacy of the flower set off by fine spider threads too. What is this little flower?

  3. Me too! Beautiful image! Spring is coming, I can hear the peeps now.

  4. so gorgeous! really lovely photograph. what kind of flower is this?

    i am for sure longing for spring a bit myself....
    as far as i'm concerned, snow is just the unnecessary and cruel freezing of something beautiful (water).

  5. Wonderful post!

    I wish you post as Guest Friend in TODAY'S FLOWERS.
    If you accept this invitation, send me one or more pictures and we'll plan your day's guest.
    Thank you for participating in the TODAY'S FLOWERS.



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