I Scrapped!!!

After a long drought of not creating a single scrapbooking layout, I have finally scrapped again!! It's not like I haven't wanted to scrap or had lost the love for it, but rather inspiration just wasn't coming. I was having trouble justifying spending time on something "fun" when I should be doing something else around the house. Have you been there? 

However, as I thought about it, I remembered that scrapbooking isn't just for my fun and enjoyment (though it is that!), but in the process, I am preserving memories and family history for my children; I'm telling the story of our life and what we believe. That is important to me.

So, this past Saturday, I set aside at least an hour of my time for some scrappin'. I found a simple sketch, got out a single photo and went to scrappin'! I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt so good to be back at it again! I hope this "broke the ice" and started the creative juices flowing again!

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  1. Eee, how adorable!! Great job. ^.^

  2. That is adorable!!! I totally understand what you are saying about not being able to scrap. Seems that there are more important things to do. Then I feel like I am neglecting my children's legacy by NOT scrapping! LOL

  3. love this card. can you teach us how you did it, and then come link it at our linky party?! which mom would not like a card like this??!!

    btw thank you for visiting and commenting on our blog also. it's nice to build a community.

  4. OMGOsh, that page turned out cute, cute, cute Ÿ I wish I could make myself scrap all the pics I need to do, but I just keep putting it off. Shame on me Ü


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