Through a Child's Lens: 3

Last month, I missed posting a photo from my 5-yr. old's camera primarily due to the fact that he has been taking more video than still pictures. He thinks he's making his own movies!

As I browsed through his photos today, I found this one that showed his creativity in capturing my husband while he was driving. Aside from lightening it some, the photo is original, I did not crop it. Notice the side of my husband's head on the left of the image and his reflection in both mirrors. Not bad for a 5-yr. old!

Please feel free to share a photo taken a child and post a link in your comment. 

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  1. Very nice! He will enjoy these as he grows older! His "perception" will also grow! TFS

  2. Good job little man! I'd say he's about ready for an upgrade to the new D7000! What do you think?

  3. I meant very much to comment on this sooner, but you know how it goes ....

    I love these kind of shots. My 11 yr old has started to show interest and is learning how to compose a picture, the gadgetry is still uninteresting to her and so she is focusing on how her picture looks, rather than how to make it look better.
    But my 4 yr old watches us take pics and copies the mannerisms that we use, this has led her to take some cool shots and her composure is pretty good.
    This shot your little man took is priceless and is something I did myself very recently - took me 40 yrs to figure it looked good - your little man is going to be a natural if he can do it now. Love it!
    Thanks for commenting on my post - hope you don't mind your me linking this so your readers can see where you browse.


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