Makes Me Smile: Reading with Gramma

It's been another very hot week here! I sure hope it cools off soon! Meanwhile, we try to find things to do indoors - like going to Gramma's house. There's something special about seeing a grandmother read a book to her grandchildren... makes me smile. :)

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  1. Lovely photo and great memories. So nice to have a Grandma close enough for visits.

  2. so very true. Grandma's are wonderful! happy sunday!

  3. My kids had little books like these :)

  4. So sweet!
    Gradma's are the best!
    {visiting from The Simple Things}

  5. I love how Gramma is down on the floor with him--such great memories.

  6. We have a tradition of sorts that started when we bought our current house. It was just my son then, and we needed weekends free to work on fixing up the place. So she would take him every sunday (because that was the only day she had off at the time). That has now turned into what is known as Grandma Sunday. 3 years later and both my mom and my son are equally addicted to this day. Yay for awesome Grandparent relationships!!

  7. such a cute photo Rosa! :) thanks for linking up with the simple things this week. Rebecca

  8. I think my kids enjoy spending time with their grandparents more than spending time with me!

    Jamie @

  9. That is so precious! Grandparent photos are so fun! :)

    Sarah @ Crafting and Creativity


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