WW: Dragonfly

this photo was taken by my husband with my camera! ;)

Happy Wordless Wednesday!!

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  1. How beautiful...and wonderful that your husband was able to capture the dragonfly.

    Ms. Bake-it (blog) is having a giveaway...one of her gifts is a whimsical painting of dragonflies...by ME. Stop by tomorrow for a visit..and a look at the painting.
    Jane (artfullygraced)

  2. Wow! Fab shot you got here! I love how you captured it on macro! :)

    Happy WW!

  3. Clap. Claping. Still clapping. What a wonderful image.
    Joyce M

  4. This picture is fabulous! My mother is addicted to dragonflies so now I love them. :)

  5. Amazing photo.. They aren't easy to capture and you did a wonderful job


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