Photo Challenge: From a High Angle

Photography Challenge, week #5

From a High Angle

I've had a pretty busy week and nearly forgot about the challenge, so I'm a little later than I would have liked, but better late than never, right?! :)

I just started giving my "baby" full sandwiches (as opposed to one cut into triangles) and he enjoyed posing for me...

Me: "Ok, now sit right there so Mommy can stand on this chair and take some pictures of you."

Son thinking "oh, boy! not again!"

Me: "Ok, now take a big bite and look up at Mommy."

Son thinking "How's this?"

Me: "Wow, that was a big bite! Now take another smaller bite."
"That's good!"

Me: "Ok. Now look up and smile."

Me: "Oops! Mommy's flash didn't go off. Let's try again!"

Me: "Yes, that's good!"

Son thinking "Are we almost done? My sandwich is almost all gone."

Son: "Aahhh!!!! It's breaking! Mommmmyyyy!!!!"

And so our photography session ended...

Next Week: From a Low Angle


  1. He makes me smile!! Thanks for linking up!!

  2. This is really cute!! I love the photo you linked up! He is so cute. My kiddos do the same thing when their sandwich breaks.

  3. Too cute! You have an adorable son.

  4. Hilarious. Not happy until the sandwich breaks, eh mom. That is really too funny,...and great shots!!


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