TCL: Boys and their cars

I began this year hoping to feature a series of photos taken by my son on his camera. The year started out well... until his camera broke. I suppose your first thought may be "well, what do you expect when you give a camera to a kid?" I suppose that's right to an extent, but think about it, he was only 3 when he first got the camera and had used it faithfully for 2-1/2 years before the screen went black! I would say that's pretty good for an active little photographer! :)

A new camera is on his wish list/prayer list. ;)

For now, I will be digging through the archives...

Photographer's Age: 4 years old
Subject: Little Brother
Image: SOOC (straight out of camera)

I find the angle on this shot rather interesting. It's obvious that Big Brother was more intent on getting a photo of the car than capturing Little Brother. Still, even with only the bottom half of his face showing, the photo is powerful! It's all about capturing the little things...

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