WW: Summer Ice Cream

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Nothing like an ice cream bar on a hot Summer day after church...

It started out so innocently...

Then, the ice cream began to melt and the chocolate sides started to fall off...

And in a matter of minutes, things went from "slightly messy" to "very messy!"...
But he didn't complain - he was just thrilled to have some ice cream!

Oh, and this sweet little gal, who shall remain un-named...
...She had the audacity to call my son "messy"! :)
{I just love her! Really, I do!}

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  1. He looks so serene throughout the whole ordeal. The shirt stayed a lot whiter than I thought it would!

  2. Hi Rosa!

    Oh my, look at those chocolate and ice cream melting away! But it's worth seeing their happy look! :)

    Thanks for dropping by earlier and glad you liked my WW shot!

  3. This is such a sad post! I can't stand the sight of melting ice cream! :)
    Looks like he thoroughly enjoyed it!

  4. Hi Rosa - Thanks for following my blog. I guess its a small world! I love these pictures - you and Omar do such a great job with your cameras! I was at ABC with Omar & Loretta. I love the title of your blog, and I'll be stopping in regularly!


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