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Photo Challenge #10, Hands

Photography Challenge, week #10

My little guy celebrated his 6th birthday this week, so we got him a real bike! Naturally, he loves it and rides it every chance he gets!

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Photo Challenge #9: A Mess

Photography Challenge, week #9
A Mess

In between meals, this is what our dining room table looks like during the week - school books and supplies everywhere! I home educate our 1st grader and we love it! I have a good student, so that makes it even more enjoyable!

I do have other messes I could have chosen, but I'll spare you the agony and me the embarrassment! :)

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Photo Challenge: Black and White

Photography Challenge, week #8
Black and White

For those of you who are new to my blog, you may not know that we had our 2-car detached garage/workshop completely destroyed by a huge tree in our backyard that blew over during a bad storm a few months ago. You can read more about it in my post HERE.

Due to our insurance taking their sweet time, we were not able to demolish and rebuild immediately. Finally, last month, we were given the funds from the insurance and my husband (along with my brothers) began the {long and dirty!} demolition process. Last week, we received our materials delivery and my husband immediately began working on putting up the new building. This week, my brothers came over to help put up the trusses. That's my "little" brother in the photo. Needless, to say, it's been a very busy week!

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Photo Challenge #7: What You Wore Today

Photography Challenge, week #7
What You Wore Today

I love these sandals and wear them nearly every day! A good friend of mine actually gave me these sandals several months ago. I was in great need of a good pair of sandals and had just told my husband the week before that I needed to start shopping for a good pair of sandals. I wanted something that would fit my style, but also be comfortable enough to wear all day. I didn't even need to start the shopping as I was given these the very next week! The Lord knows our needs before we even ask! I love to wear these sandals not only because they're incredibly comfortable, but also because they remind me of God's provision in my life even in the little things.

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Photo Challenge: From a Low Angle

Photography Challenge, week #6
From a Low Angle

Our local home improvement store allows children to play on their playground equipment and have it set up very nicely. I often let our boys play there while my husband is shopping - they love it! It's always quiet and clean, plus it's under a roof, so the sun doesn't beat down on them.
{Check your local home improvement center and you might find a new favorite "park" for the kiddos!}

Next Week: What You Wore Today {eek!}

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