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Using Colored Pencils

Coloring a stamped image is not my forte, but I tried it on this card and thought it came out ok. I used colored pencils since I felt that I was able to control my shading better than I might have with my limited supply of markers.

I used a couple stamps from Autumn Leaves Flower Stamps collection and the sentiment was computer printed using Times New Roman and Scriptina fonts.

Have a wonderful first week of November!!!

Photo Challenge #14: Sunset

Photography Challenge, week #14

We have had very gloomy Fall weather here this week and I was unable to capture a good sunset during this week for the challenge. We live in town and don't really see a sunset from our house, so I made a trip one evening to my parent's house since they live in the country and often see gorgeous sunsets. On the way over, my husband captured the above photo using his iPhone and it is somewhat of a "sunset" photo, but it wasn't mine. So, I waited until sunset... and nothing happened...
I took a photo anyway.

I call it "The Sunset That Wasn't". ;)
This is what I was hoping for something similar to this photo I took earlier this year...

...but it just wasn't going to happen this time. Oh, well. :)
I haven't been neglecting my blog on purpose, life has just taken another busy turn!
Have a great week! 

Next Week: Your Shoes

Photo Challenge #13: Silhouette

Photography Challenge, week #13

This photo was pulled from a couple weeks ago when we flew to NJ. My youngest LOVED flying and could hardly stand it that he had to be buckled in when the plane took off and landed. 

Next Week: Sunset

Photo Challenge #12: Bokeh

Photography Challenge, week #12

We just got back from a great trip to the East Coast! While there, we made a quick visit to Newport, RI and took the boys to the beach (thanks to the 85 degree weather!). My husband found this funny little hermit crab and the boys loved watching him crawl in and out of his shell!

Next Week: Silhouette 

Photo Challenge #11, Orange

Photography Challenge, week #11

I generally don't care for Fall, as in the Midwest it is often just full of dead brown. But this year I'm finding myself drawn to the many beautiful hues which seem unusual for this area (at least from what I can recall).

I don't often decorate for Fall, but a few weeks ago I was blessed with a gift basket that included several Fall decorations, so now I have these lovely *orange* Fall decorations for my living room! Perfect for the photo challenge!

Next Week:Bokeh

Happy Birthday, Dad!

My father recently celebrated his birthday and as is my custom, I made a card for him. I had a creative block for a while, but finally settled on these papers from MME's Adventure Series. It was pretty simple once I got past the block and I'm satisfied with the outcome.