Photo Challenge #14: Sunset

Photography Challenge, week #14


We have had very gloomy Fall weather here this week and I was unable to capture a good sunset during this week for the challenge. We live in town and don't really see a sunset from our house, so I made a trip one evening to my parent's house since they live in the country and often see gorgeous sunsets. On the way over, my husband captured the above photo using his iPhone and it is somewhat of a "sunset" photo, but it wasn't mine. So, I waited until sunset... and nothing happened...

I took a photo anyway.

I call it "The Sunset That Wasn't". ;)

This is what I was hoping for something similar to this photo I took earlier this year...

...but it just wasn't going to happen this time. Oh, well. :)

I haven't been neglecting my blog on purpose, life has just taken another busy turn!

Have a great week! 

Next Week: Your Shoes


  1. I think all of your photos are beautiful... The sunset with the bridge is very pretty. Love the country pics with the bird house too... Have a great weekend.

    Jeanna @

  2. All three are great landscape shots! I'm so glad you shared your sunset photo from earlier this year. It is stunning!

  3. We've had similar weather. It's a downer when there isn't a sunset due to gloomy clouds. I love your bridge/sunset picture! Gorgeous!

  4. I love your photos, Rosa. The picture of the bridge is amazing - you are very talented!

    Thanks for stopping by my site. I'm new to blogging and appreciate you leaving me a comment. I'll be joining your site because I can definitely used some photography tips!


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