Simple Little Things: The Atlas

It's been a busy week here. We're doing some remodeling in preparation to sell the house so we can move to Connecticut, Lord willing, in May. We needed a break from the dust and general mess that accompanies a remodeling project, so we spent an evening at my parent's house. At some point during the night, my dad pulled out an atlas and I captured this shot. I've often seen my dad do this very thing and just passed over it not thinking twice about how it's almost iconic to him. On this evening, I was grateful to stop and capture something that I've seen so many times before.

It made me wonder how many other things in life have I just taken for granted thinking that I'll always remember it... There are so many simple little things in our every day life that we so easily overlook because we're too busy.

I'm linking this photo on Rebecca's blog, Simple As That. I absolutely love her approach to capturing the simple little things in life! Her book, Real. Life. Scrapbooking., has been such an encouragement to me! Hop over to her site and check out some of the other links and challenge yourself to capture the little things in your life this week!


  1. Apart from this wonderfully composed photo - it's equally as wonderful that you've captured this moment, I can feel the emotion from afar.

  2. I'm visiting from simple as that. I absolutely love this photo. With all our google maps and gps today, it is still wonderful to sit down with a paper map or atlas. It makes the possibilities seem endless!

  3. A photo full of meanings and emotion ♥ a great capture!

  4. i love this! visiting from simple as that : )

  5. It is the simple things, the mean so much!! What a lovely capture.


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