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Fun Free Valentine Fonts

I absolutely LOVE fonts!! Especially when they're free! You can do more with a font than just write something; some fonts have not actual lettering, but are completely what I like to call "picture fonts". All these fonts have are images or doodles. Several of the fonts I'm sharing with you today are like that. I love to take these fonts, print them off in a large size and use them as a digital stamp for a card or project.

Here are a few fun {FREE} Valentine Fonts for your enjoyment...

KR Valentines 2006

KR Cuori Divertenti 3

KR Cuori Divertenti 7

From Me To You

KG Heart Doodles



True Stories

You can find more freeValentine fonts here.

Card: Stickles and Butterflies

I've been going through some older photos and came across some cards that I never posted, so over the next few days/weeks, I'll be sharing some of them.

This card is an easy one to duplicate. As you can see, I used diamond Stickles on the butterflies (a Martha Stewart punch). I stamped my sentiment on layered card stock and patterned paper.

The hardest part was waiting for the Stickles to dry! :) Anybody know of a way to speed up that process? I'd love to know it if you do! :)

And since it was so easy to create, I made it in green as well!

WW: Boys' Toys

I love to see my boys playing with the same type of old school toys I played with as a child.

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