Confession: I'm not Super Woman

Too often I fall into the rut of trying to be "Super Woman". I become intimidated by other women I see who seem to have it together. You've seen them, they exercise daily and look stunning, they religiously feed their family 5 fruits and veggies every single day, their life is so routine that even the dog knows the schedule, their laundry is folded immediately after it exists the dryer and is still hot when put away in it's organized chest of drawers, dust never collects on their furniture, crumbs literally float to the garbage can because they would not dare fall on the perfectly clean floor... ok, so maybe that's a little exaggerated, but you get the idea!

I confess, I'm not Super Woman... I've given my kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches served on a napkin for lunch more times than I care to count.

That's ok.

It's one of their favorites. PBJs aren't all that bad.

I confess, I'm not Super Woman... I have more than a week's worth of laundry that needs to be folded and put away.

That's ok. At least it's clean!

I confess, I'm not Super Woman... I have piles of paper that need to be sorted and filed.

That's ok. It's not going anywhere. My papers can wait.

I confess, I'm not Super Woman.... I don't exercise three times a week and I need to lose weight.

{Sorry, no picture for this confession!!!}

I would love to have things in perfect order, always serving healthy meals and have the house sparkling clean all the time! Obviously, there is nothing wrong with any of that and by all means, if you're able to accomplish it, more power to ya!

As for myself, I've come to realize that if I stress too much on being Super Woman, I fail to take time for the things in life that really matter - spending time with my husband, showing my children I love them, and most importantly, developing a relationship with my Savior.

The dishes can wait.

Remember, being Super Woman means nothing if you haven't taken time to slow down and Capture the Little Things in your life.

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  1. Love it, Rosa!! I'm not SuperWoman either, and frankly, I'm not sure I would want to!! Thanks for the reminders we are okay!!

  2. Just think of how those Wonder Women really feel. Everything can't be wonderful! Playing always trumps cleaning!

    xo Susie

  3. Your piles of laundry are nothing compared to mine...and my pile is currently dirty. Sigh.

    And PBJs are definitely OK. Forget the napkin and go eat it on the back deck. :) (No jelly here...girls just like a good ol' PB sandwich.)

    Anyhoo, it's nice to know that I'm not alone.


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