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WW: Wallaby

We enjoyed feeding and petting this wallaby at the Creation Museum last fall. It loved to be petted! If you've never been to the Creation Museum, you really should go! Our family enjoyed it so much!!

An Intro to Backlit Photos

Recently, I came across some beautiful backlit photos and was greatly inspired by them. I decided to try it myself. I was delighted to get this shot after only a few minutes of shooting.

If you're not familiar with this technique, simply put, it involves using the sun or another source of light to illuminate a subject from behind. Depending on the subject, this technique will result in either a silhouette or a beautifully illuminated subject.

One can use either direct light or bounce the light onto the back of the subject. You will need to overexpose the subject to achieve an illuminated effect, or underexpose your it to create a silhouette.

I still want to try other subjects to see what different results can be achieved with the backlit technique. I've seen some lovely shots of backlit fruit that I'd like to try!

{Please forgive my recent absence! My family and I have embarked on a new phase in life and things have been very busy for us.}