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Colors of Spring Growth

I love the colors of Spring and Summer!

I love it when I get a beautiful shot without much effort! This one has had no processing and is SOOC.

Exif: ISO 400; 150mm; f/5.3; 1/1,600; Nikon D40; Lens: 55-200mm f/4-5.6

Newborn Photo Shoot

Last week, I was able to do my first newborn photography shoot. For privacy's sake, I won't share her name or get into all the details, but let me just say, it really was an honor to be asked to photograph this little miracle. I don't know that I'll ever be a "professional" photographer, but if I do, I'd sure love to specialize in newborn photography! I absolutely loved it!! As my brother said, it's the perfect mixture of still-life and portrait.

She was a beautiful baby to photograph! Her skin is so perfect (I didn't even need to fix any red patches). I did very little editing, mainly just softening effects.

Cards and an Amish Funeral

With trying to finish up first grade with my little guy, my husband taking a trip to Connecticut for a week,  a Spring banquet, going to an Amish funeral, running a child to the doctor over a double ear infection and a bad case of pink eye, a newborn photo shoot, and just trying to keep things sane around the house... I've afraid I've neglected posting for far too long!

Recently, I was asked to contribute a "handmade item" to a door prize for our church's Ladies Spring Banquet. Of course, I chose to make a set of cards. I got my inspiration from a card I saw here on Pinterest.

I apologize for the poor photo quality. I was in hurry to turn them in for the door prize basket and had just come from a cold, windy day at the funeral of my Amish aunt.

Yes, you read that right... I have Amish relatives. Before we go any further, let me clarify that no, I am NOT Amish! My parents were both born and raised in Old Order Amish families, but left the Amish religion and lifest…