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WW: Summer Ice Cream

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Nothing like an ice cream bar on a hot Summer day after church...

It started out so innocently...

Then, the ice cream began to melt and the chocolate sides started to fall off...

And in a matter of minutes, things went from "slightly messy" to "very messy!"...

But he didn't complain - he was just thrilled to have some ice cream!

Oh, and this sweet little gal, who shall remain un-named...
...She had the audacity to call my son "messy"! :)
{I just love her! Really, I do!}

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Photo Challenge: From a High Angle

Photography Challenge, week #5
From a High Angle

I've had a pretty busy week and nearly forgot about the challenge, so I'm a little later than I would have liked, but better late than never, right?! :)
I just started giving my "baby" full sandwiches (as opposed to one cut into triangles) and he enjoyed posing for me...

Me: "Ok, now sit right there so Mommy can stand on this chair and take some pictures of you."

Me: "Ok, now take a big bite and look up at Mommy."
Son thinking "How's this?"

Me: "Wow, that was a big bite! Now take another smaller bite." "That's good!"

Me: "Ok. Now look up and smile."

Me: "Oops! Mommy's flash didn't go off. Let's try again!"

Me: "Yes, that's good!"
Son thinking "Are we almost done? My sandwich is almost all gone."

Son: "Aahhh!!!! It's breaking! Mommmmyyyy!!!!"

And so our photography session ended...

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Higher Than Our Thoughts

Have a blessed Sunday!

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Photo Challenge: What Makes You Smile

Photo Challenge, week #2
What Makes You Smile

There are lots of things that make me smile! I've been very blessed with a wonderful husband, two beautiful little boys, sweet friends, a wonderful church, a comfortable home... I could go on, but you get the idea! Aside from the obvious things in my day that I'm thankful for and that make me smile, I always love to sit down in the mornings, after I've read my Bible and cleaned up the kitchen, and enjoy my homemade {{Starbucks quality}} latte. Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit an Anthropologie store and picked up this cheery mug - it's a compliments my coffee so beautifully! ;) It always makes me smile! It's the little things...

Next Week: Bold Colors

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Card: Birthday Camp

The oldest of my little nephews had his 4th birthday recently, so I decided to make a little interactive card for him.

In between the normal daily routine, it took me several days to make this. When I decided what I wanted to do, I think that all the cutting, resizing and re-cutting, choosing colors, and just putting it all together would take so long! Most of the elements were from both Paper Dolls Cricut cartridges. The tent was from the svg file I found here; I used SCAL to cut it out.

Inside, I placed a little "paper doll" camper roasting marshmallows outside his tent. The little man is laminated and removable, so he can be played with later.

I had a lot of fun with all the little details of this card! I hope he enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it!

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TCL: Boys and their cars

I began this year hoping to feature a series of photos taken by my son on his camera. The year started out well... until his camera broke. I suppose your first thought may be "well, what do you expect when you give a camera to a kid?" I suppose that's right to an extent, but think about it, he was only 3 when he first got the camera and had used it faithfully for 2-1/2 years before the screen went black! I would say that's pretty good for an active little photographer! :)

A new camera is on his wish list/prayer list. ;)

For now, I will be digging through the archives...

Photographer's Age: 4 years old Subject: Little Brother Image: SOOC (straight out of camera)
I find the angle on this shot rather interesting. It's obvious that Big Brother was more intent on getting a photo of the car than capturing Little Brother. Still, even with only the bottom half of his face showing, the photo is powerful! It's all about capturing the little things...

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