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My trip to Archiver's

Last week, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary by taking a 3-day trip to St. Louis. I had been "begging" my husband for a while already to take me to Archiver's - I had never been to one yet. So when we went to St. Louis, he did! And he gave me $50 to spend! :) Of course, upon entering the store, I immediately realized that $50 wasn't nearly enough for all I'd "need". I decided it was best not to mention that to my dear husband though, for fear that he'd have a heart attack! ;) Since I'd never been to Archiver's before, I was in for a real treat! WOW!!! I loved it! What a fantastic place!!!! I could have spent all day in there and easily spent $500! I fell in love with Basic Grey papers - some really gorgeous papers! I saw so many things I would love to get... someday. ;)

And about that $50 I went in with, well, here's what I came out with...
Yep! That's right! Exactly 1 penny! My total was $49.99 - am I good, or what?! LOL! My…