Fun Birthday Card

I made a card this past weekend for a friend of mine who was having a birthday. It was a new one for me. I saw the design for this over on Hero Arts (pretty sure that's where it was!), but I customized it! :) It was a little time consuming since it was the first time making it, but really a lot of fun!

Here is the card opened up. You have to pull the tag to open it...

The back side... you can see how I attached things here...

And here it is closed... it lays nice & flat when it's in an envelope, but I let it pop up a little for the pic...


  1. English girl in NY - JenniferJuly 27, 2009 at 3:03 PM

    You did an excellent job with the card Rosa! I am sure your friend will be delighted to get it!

  2. Cute card, it does look like a lot of work!! It was worth it tho, turned out great!

  3. That is really neat Rosa. I'm thinking i might have to give something like that a try!


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